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NEW MAKEUP TRENDS - Fall/Winter 2009

I want to share with you the new trends that I've seen this this fall and winter, along with the general consensus for the fashion world out there.  Perhaps you can be inspired as the trends are wearable and definitely applicable for a night out.  But a word of caution: trends are not for important occasions such as weddings, as 10 years from now you may not think they look so great.  On the other hand, you probably shouldn't go completely against what may be in season, and instead use them as rules to consider.

1.  Smokey Eyes/ Full eyebrows
Now this has been in style for so long.  Its a classic look that is always around but this fall.winter it will be stronger, bolder and smokier then ever.  Wether you use black or other colors, don't be afraid with going a bit overboard.

Heavier is you can see here for Versace

Rimmed black, instead of full smokey was all over the runways as well this fall

Unlike last years and earlier this years trends, eyelashes are no longer all the rage...false eyelashes no longer necessary..
Instead bold eyeshadow is the rage.
And with such bold eyes comes bold eyebrows.  If you face is a work of art, then eyebrows are your face, strong, bold, and complimenting.

2. Gold/Bronze eyes
Golden eyes, with bronze skin continues to be a way to go....especially with the holiday season right around the corner, glimmer is in...but only in the eye area.  Light glimmer can be paired with brighter lips or darker bronzes smoked around the eye with a black lined water line, can go with lighter lip tones.  This was apparent in both Donna Karen and Yigals looks.

3. Red Lips
The shade for lips is definitely red, or tones of red ranging from a bright pink red to a darker bergundy.  Some designers even opted for red black on the runway, but thats not something you want to experiment with.  Red lips are back along with 80's fashion, full eyebrows and it was apparent on this years runways including Moschino, who used bright reds.

4.  Matte Skin
Marc Jacobs and Emanuel  Ungaro showcases matte skin with matte lipsticks.  Unlike the shiny, shimmery, glittery crazes of last winter, matte skin is in.  It allows for more drama and contrast.  Matte bright colors pop more then shimmery or glazed ones.  Avoid too much lipgloss.  You can still have shimmer and shine on your eyelids, or a little on your blush, but keep the rest of the skin matte, and if your going to wear lipstick, it should definately be a mute color.


And finally the color of the season is PURPLE!  This regal tone dominated the runways across the world, from clothing, accessories to of course makeup.


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